Seattle. The Emerald City. Home to the Seattle Supersonics of the NBA. Wait….that’s not right. Seattle used to be home to an NBA franchise. If memory serves me correctly, the Supersonics are now the Oklahoma City Thunder. Is that right? Yeah I think it is. How did that happen? I’ll tell you how it happened. Money, money, and more money. Not only does it make the world go ’round, it rules professional sports. And the last time I checked, the NBA was a professional league. And professional sports teams typically make a profit, whether they admit or not.

Apparently Clay Bennett, an Oklahoma native and owner of the Seattle Supersonics didn’t have enough money. In 2008 Supersonics closed up shop and moved east. Not very far as it turns out. The Sonics ended up in Bennett’s home state as the Oklahoma City Thunder. It seems that Key Arena, home to the Sonics was just not big enough to hold the fan base needed to provide enough revenue. Really? Yes, apparently so. A newer, bigger basketball facility was necessary to keep the team afloat. Of course, in order to build a bigger, better arena, a lot of money was going to have to be spent to do it. As is the case these days in professional sports, the general public who pays their taxes, was going to have to step up and foot the bill. Not the ownership. No, they couldn’t afford to spend any of the millions of dollars they had.

And the rest is NBA history. But let us take a trip down memory road. To the glory days of the Seattle Supersonics. The days when Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp pounded the hardcourt in the great Northwest. The days in 1996 when Payton and Kemp led the Sonics to the NBA Finals. As it turns out, the unfortunate days when the Sonics met up with Michael Jordan and the Bulls. The Bulls who finished the 1995-1996 regular season with a 72-10 record. Oh, and a team led by Michael Jordan. Seattle led by it’s two superstars and coached by George Karl had their best season ever going 64-18. Long story short, as we all know, it wasn’t enough. The glory days of the Sonics ended in a 6 game NBA Finals defeat at the hands of MJ and the Bulls.

But wait, the glory days live on. In the form of a Jordan 6 Rings shoe that is. Yes, I know, very little consolation for the die-hard Supersonic fans that deserved better. A pair of Jordan modern viking sweatshirt (lưới bảo vệ ban công) for basketball is certainly not going to make up for what they endured. The “Seattle” Jordan 6 Rings is an edition included in the 6 Rings Championship Pack and features the laser print graphics on a white leather upper that depict what made Seattle and the Sonics a great NBA franchise. The Space Needle, raindrops, and even an image of “The Glove”, a.k.a Gary Payton. A dark green midsole, yellow accents on the tongue and inner lining, and fuzzy tri-colored Jumpman logo finish off a very nice edition of the 6 Rings. You can still get a pair of the “Seattle” Jordan 6 Rings.

Seattle’s glory days may be a memory….for now. With the rabid basketball fan base that stills lives and breaths basketball in Seattle, there will be more glory days. In the near future, there will a NBA franchise in Seattle, new or old. The Supersonic fans young and old deserve it.

write by Rowan

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