Self-Defense Product Review: Stun Master Stun Guns

Not very often in life can you find a company that offers a product that is truly top-of-the-line while at the same time offering that product at an extremely affordable price. And I do not know of any other product that I consider more important than one that helps to protect your life and the lives of your loved ones. The product I am referring to is a non-lethal self-defense weapon and the company I am referring to is Stun Master. They are the makes of some of the most reliable stun devices available today and have been doing so for almost 30 years.

Stun guns are a great way to ensure your own safety while still remaining kind and humane and not having to worry about taking the life of a potential assailant as would be the case with a firearm. They work by delivering a high voltage, low amperage electric current when the contacts of the stun gun touch another human being. The low amperage is what keeps the current from doing grave physical harm to your attacker. What this shock does is disrupt he neurological pathways of the attacker and makes it impossible for the attacker to control his or her own body. Once the current is stopped the attacker should be extremely disoriented but none the worse for wear in a few minutes.

Now to the people that like to chime in and say “well stun guns have killed people” I say yes, you are right, in the past stun guns have, on extremely rare occasions, taken a life. So have guns and knives and I can legally go and buy either one and carry either in one in many cases. People deserve the right to protect themselves and I’d much rather they do so with a self-defense weapon like a stun gun than with a firearm. The odds of a stun gun taking a life are ridiculously infinitesimal. The odds of a gun or knife being used in self-defense and taking a life are much, much higher.

Stun Master makes a wide array of stun devices from small handheld devices that will fit in a mc queen pocket to retractable stun batons measuring almost 2 feet in length. One thing all of these stun devices have in common are their unparalleled reliability, affordability and ability to protect the good people of our world.

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write by michael scott

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