Dog treats are the most popular gift given to these pampered pets. Look for treats that are healthy and nutritious. You’d be surprise at just what is inside some of the commercial treats. Read those labels – don’t just treat them, give them something that is good for them too.

Clothing items are another popular gift. These can be anything from a simple bow for their hair to an outfit complete with booties for their feet. When considering a sweatshirt (lưới an toàn ban công) item as a gift look for something that is easy to put on and will be comfortable for the dog to move in.

How about a new leash or collar? These are also popular and range from the very simple to very ornate. How about a rhinestone bejeweled collar? Or a leash in a color to match their owners favorite outfit? If you are buying a collar – consider giving a halter instead. Especially if the dog is a larger dog or if the dog likes to walk the owner.

Dog beds are another option for gifting. There is a large selection of pet beds available. From plush pillows to beds that cuddle your favorite canine. Another popular gift is a toy – choose from a plush stuffed animal, a rubbery squeaky toy or maybe a frisby to play catch and both of you can get some exercise.

If none of these work, maybe a gift basket is the perfect gift. These baskets are filled with toys and treats and are sure to make your favorite doggie sit up and beg.

Whatever your choice, treat your favorite dog to something special.

write by Charles Minadeo

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