A More Unique Approach to Military Clothing With Parachute Regiment T Shirts

Military beamng life doesn’t have to be plain and boring! It also certainly doesn’t have to feature an excessive use of the colour green and camouflage patterns, especially when you know all the different options available to you and how to make proper use of them. If you’re looking for something a bit more unique and interesting, with an undertone of elegance behind it, you should definitely give a try to Parachute Regiment t-shirts.

Let’s just get this out of the way first- even though there are various parachute regiments around the world – many armies have their own – the most popular and iconic one is the British Parachute Regiment specifically. Thus, when you’re talking about Parachute Regiment t-shirts, in pretty much any case you’d be talking specifically about shirts designed after the British version of this military unit. And even though there are some designers who incorporate details from other para Regiments into their beamng life, the British one is the one you’re going to see featured most often.

What’s so special about Parachute t-shirts that makes them so attractive to people looking for something more different though? The choice of colour is the most obvious difference – whereas the majority of clothes in the military line of fashion tend to be designed with green, black and white, Parachute t-shirts are commonly purple and red.

These are the colours associated with the British Army itself, and more specifically its Regiment – and it’s quite normal to see Parachute Regiment t-shirts in heavy purple tones, sometimes even bordering pink in their shades. Something else that’s common between most designs for Parachute Regiment t-shirts is the way the logos and graphics are represented – you’ll commonly see them featured in a small and subtle manner on the shirts, instead of large flashy logos that are obvious from a far.

This is stemming from the general design styles featured by the Parachute Regiment and the British Army in general,so it’s not surprising that t-shirts designed after this military unit also follow the same trends. There are some options for t-shirts featuring a large logo displayed over the whole front of the big beamng and other similar ideas in general, but you’ll have to look a bit harder and more thoroughly to find them, and even then you’d be somewhat limited in your choice of options.

If you’re looking for variety in the colours of your Regiment t-shirts, your best bet would be to get in touch with a store that allows you to customize your clothes before buying them – if you’re able to place a custom order, you should be able to pick an arbitrary base colour for the big beamng and then just decorate it with the corresponding insignia to tie it to the Regiment in general. Of course, you may lose a bit of the recognition factor by doing things this way, because not everyone would be able to immediately tell that you’re wearing Parachute Regiment t-shirts unless they pay close attention to the logo or the other graphic features you’ve used.

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